By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — This almost feels like a trap.

Skip Bayless is only the latest to ponder how the Redskins offense might look with Tony Romo at the helm.

The list of speculators is growing, and the timing sure is coincidental enough, with the franchise tag deadline and NFL combine — where deals tend to be discussed — both arriving next week.

“I’ve told you again and again that I trust Kirk Cousins so little that I would even trust Tony Romo more next year than I would Kirk Cousins for the Washington Redskins,” Bayless said on FS1’s Undisputed.

“I am dearly hoping… I am hoping and wishing the Redskins make the mistake of signing Kirk Cousins to a long-term, let’s say five-year, multi-billion dollar contract with lots of guaranteed money,” he said. “Because I want my Cowboys to see Kirk Cousins 10 more times over the next five years. That could be about eight wins for my Dallas Cowboys, if not more. Right now Kirk Cousins is 1-4 against the Dallas Cowboys.”

My Cowboys.

Fun fact: Bayless, in a past life, used to cover the Dallas Cowboys as an objective journalist. Now they’re his.

This should be seen as the trap of all traps. The Redskins are embarking upon their most important free agency period of the Scot McCloughan era, with millions to spend and a franchise-defining decision to make at quarterback, coming off two straight seasons of record-setting performances by their current quarterback.

Report: Redskins Might Maybe Be Interested in Romo

If there has ever been a clearly defined line demarcating which direction the franchise will steer its ship, it’s now. Replacing a 28-year-old Cousins, in the prime of his career, with an oft-injured 36-year-old Romo?

Does that sound remotely within reason?

And yet, the tea leaves appear to show more and more that Cousins isn’t long for Ashburn. This week, Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network put the odds of the Redskins parting with Cousins at greater than 50 percent.

What’s more, Jeremiah “would not be shocked” to see the Redskins trade Cousins to San Francisco at next week’s combine, a deal which he says would likely involve both teams swapping first-round picks, netting the Redskins the No. 2 overall selection in this year’s draft.

It seems pretty clear at this point the Redskins won’t be reaching a long-term deal with Cousins in the next few days, and will need to franchise tag him again — but then what? A trade?

All the while, the Redskins are embroiled in a PR nightmare — a franchise norm they’ve largely been able to avoid during McCloughan’s first two seasons — over the prolonged media silence of the GM himself, one which points to McCloughan being muzzled by team president Bruce Allen.

One would hope, for the sake of a franchise coming off its first consecutive winning seasons in two decades, that cooler heads prevail, preferably sooner rather than later.

Snider: Romo to Redskins is Nuts

Until this storm’s conclusion, banish the Bayless antagonists into the ether, because there’s no sense in allowing the senseless ramblings of a woebegone talking head whose own best interests, in viewing any action by the Redskins work to the advantage of his Cowboys, to further whiplash the already murky waters through which Washington is struggling to navigate.

The Redskins would be more dangerous with Romo guiding the ship, you say? Perhaps, in the eyes of someone who would rather see the franchise shipwrecked, more dangerous to themselves.

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