By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins, and more specifically, their quarterbacks, have been compared to many things over the years.

This might be the first time they’ve been compared to McDonald’s sandwiches.

The quick background: It’s Open Line (and Tweet) Thursday for The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. Ronnie from D.C. called in. That’s it. That’s the entire setup to what followed.

Take it away, Ronnie.

Ronnie: “Hey, thanks for having my call. I’d just like to voice my frustration with the Redskins’ general manager, in particular, Dan Snyder. Danny Boy Productions. I’ve just totally had it up to here with the way that they manage the team.”

Lurch: “I think a lot of people feel that way, bud.”

EB: “What is your biggest frustration right now?”

Ronnie: “My biggest frustration is the way that [Snyder] selects quarterbacks. I’m trying to picture, like, if he was at Mickey D’s, and Mickey D’s sold quarterbacks, he would be fixated on like a McGriffin sandwich instead of the McCousins. Like you could say the McCousins has more nutritional value, or something like that, and the McGriffin is really fatty, and he’ll just like the McGriffin because of the hype and the hoopla of it all.”

Cakes: “Well, fatty food does taste better, last time I checked.”


It’s worth noting, of course, that Dan Snyder is the owner of the team, and not officially the general manager. It’s also worth noting that fatty food does in fact taste better.

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