by Rick Snider

Tony Romo coming to Washington is the stupidest rumor possible while the NFL awaits free agency’s start.

Even if Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins exits via trade or free agency, there’s no way owner Dan Snyder signs the Cowboys quarterback once Dallas releases him as expected. Absolutely no way. There’s a better chance of someone living on one of those seven planets NASA just found playing for the Redskins than Romo.

Why won’t Snyder sign Romo? Because season tickets renewals would crash. Snyder might think hard about Romo except fan revolts scare him. The owner has been intimidated before. Jim Fassel was nearly hired as the Redskins coach in 2008 before fans objected. General manager Vinny Cerrato was fired in 2009 when near-empty stadiums demanded somebody pay for the franchise’s freefall.

Snyder won’t risk the public’s wrath. Not with a recent high-water mark of 17-16-1 over two seasons suddenly looking like the good old days. With reported front office power struggles, another stalemate over re-resigning Cousins and opponents looking to poach receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon plus nose tackle Chris Baker among others, the Redskins look like a team taking a step back rather than forward.

Of course, spending some of their available $64 million in salary cap money might change that, but the quietest time on the NFL calendar did not foster the Redskins’ traditional hope of winning the offseason or even off the field.

Meanwhile, Romo’s career is done. The soon-to-be-37-year-old passer is one hit away from retirement. He only played one series last season after a preseason back injury. He played just four games in 2015. Romo is one walking bag of sore bones and has a better chance of a future on the PGA Tour Champions than the NFL.

If the Redskins really want to move on from Cousins, as silly as that is regardless of price, then they’re better off drafting a quarterback this spring and playing him immediately while the defense reboots. Of course, there’s no way coach Jay Gruden does that because the team will tank and he’ll be fired. Gruden goes with Colt McCoy if Cousins departs.

Romo is simply a bad idea for Washington. Maybe for a team needing a one-year rental, but even then as a backup and not a starter. Romo will cost too much versus the risk of not even making it out of the preseason. If a team is so bad they’ll try Romo, they should select a rookie quarterback instead. At least the latter offers a potential future with the team.

Redskins fans will never accept Romo as their quarterback. They’ll boo him every single second on the field. The team might as well give him No. 10 and let the crowd have at it.

Even the Redskins front office isn’t silly enough to make this mistake. Probably. Maybe. Well, hopefully not.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.

  1. The whole offseason has been too much. The team needs to keep Kirk at market price since he has earned it over the last 2 seasons. They would have progressed further each season with a running game and a servicable defense. Joe Barry was not the DC they needed. They should have found a way to attain Fangio when they had the chance. If they take the course that the writer mentions I will honestly not renew my 10 year season tickets and will give up on watching them completely. With Scot M as GM and Gruden as HC I thought that I saw the team culture changing from the dumpster fire that it was for so long. This would show me that the front office will never change under current ownership and that I need not supply them with my hard earned cash and even harder earned time. Just my opinion.

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