By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper has a habit of wearing hats that annoy people.

Earlier this week, Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper appeared in the crowds at WWE’s Monday Night Raw wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat.

He grew up cheering for the team and clearly has not divested his loyalties. His manager even had a pretty good quip on the topic during his conversation with the media on Friday:

In a non-scientific poll on our article, readers overwhelmingly (82 vs. 18 percent) answered that they do not care who Harper cheers for. But if a baseless conspiracy floated by ESPN pundits Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon holds any water, those fans should care a lot.

“I think it’s different with Bryce Harper,” Kornheiser told Wilbon on Friday. “I think he’s saying, ‘Get prepared for this, I’m leaving.'”

Some would argue that that’s a hot take. Keep in mind, that Kornheiser got all of that subtle meaning from this clip:

Did you see the way Harper waved to fans? The way he smiled? The way he looked back and gave a thumbs up to fans behind him? It couldn’t be more clear.

“‘I’m going to the New York Yankees,'” Kornheiser continued, reading the tea leaves on Harper’s wardrobe. “‘I don’t have to root for the Washington Redskins because I’m short-time in this area’.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Wilbon did not contest the point.

Harper has long been rumored to find his historic payday in a city other than Washington, and Nationals fans are well versed in the theory. That does not, however, justify equating a hat to a manifesto of divorce, a decision on which is still two seasons away.

For what it’s worth, Kornheiser and Wilbon also agree on John Wall’s faux pas wearing a Cowboys jersey on the Redskins’ sidelines last season.

“John Wall, differently, is not short-time,” Kornheiser said. “And he wore the [Cowboys] jersey.”

Wilbon interjected: “John Wall was saying, ‘Now you people know how it feels. You come into the Verizon Center, we’ve got the third-best team in the East, and you people cheer for Lakers. People like you–”

“I don’t cheer for the Lakers,” Kornheiser said incredulously.

Then the bell rang, moving the discussion on to the next topic.


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