By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Taking a glance at some big-name NFL players who could be cut this offseason, The Sports Junkies got to thinking: Who should the Redskins make a run at should the player become available?

Previewing a ForTheWin list of 25 players who meet this criteria, The Junks settled on two names in particular for debate.

Adrian Peterson

EB: Pretty much a given [to be cut]. He’s making $18 million. He’s not gonna get a deal like that on the open market. Is he 32 years old? He’s coming off a major knee injury. I’d make a run at him.

Lurch: Wouldn’t pay him a lot of money, but yes, I would. Absolutely.

EB: I would be interested in Adrian Peterson’s services.

Cakes: I would slam the door in his old face and say, ‘Go take it to the next team. Good luck to you.’

Lurch: Why, because of the injury history?

Cakes: Injury. He started off last season slow before he was injured. I mean, those guys hit a wall quickly.

Lurch: Okay, but you’re not gonna give him the ball 30 times. Would he be an upgrade to what they have?

Cakes: Okay, of course he’s an upgrade over Fat Rob.

EB: He’d make you a better football team. I would make a run at him. Now, I wouldn’t go crazy. I mean it would be a low deal that he might not be interested in. I mean, it might be like 5 million bucks a year or something.

Peterson has suffered season-ending injuries in two of the past three seasons, though he racked up 1,485 yards and 11 touchdowns in his last injury free season, at age 30, in 2015. He’s owed $17.75 million next season.

Clay Matthews

EB: I actually would be interested, and Steven Ruiz prefaces this by saying it’s the most unlikely cut on this list, but they’re gonna probably have to at least restructure the deal to keep this guy in Green Bay. I’d still be interested, despite waning production, in Clay Matthews. I’d still be interested. That’s just me. Cakes?

Cakes: Hmm. Injury issues lately? It depends on the price.

JP: Yeah, because he’s a difference make on defense.

Lurch: What’s his deal?

EB: $10.9 million

Cakes: If I can get him in for $3.75, plus bonuses, I might think about it.

JP: Hasn’t he also shown versatility in the last couple years?

EB: He’s played inside and outside.

JP: Exactly.

Lurch: Now, Cakes, remember, what do the Skins have to spend in free agency?

EB: 60 million bucks.

Lurch: They’ve got a lot of money they can spend. Now maybe a third of that goes to Kirk, but there’s just a lot of money you can spend there.

JP: I don’t bypass a defensive difference maker.

EB: And that’s what I’m thinking. And I would like him. Take him for two years, get a two-year run out of him. I mean, hell, how long did we have London Fletcher when he was here? Did we think we were gonna have London Fletcher for as long, and as impactful, as a run as we had him?

Matthews recorded 20 tackles and five sacks over 12 games last season

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