By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper has D.C. sports fans all hot and bothered again for being spotted at a sporting event wearing a Cowboys hat.

Harper was seen donning a Cowboys lid at WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” in his hometown of Las Vegas, an about-face from the Redskins apparel he wore to the Super Bowl a year ago.

Not everyone was bothered by it.

“Bryce Harper was wearing a Cowboys hat on Monday Night Raw. Redskins and D.C. sports fans were very bothered and upset. I can’t fathom that,” Grant Paulsen said on 106.7 The Fan.

“I don’t know why they would be. This guy is not from here,” he said. “He can be a fan of whoever he wants. Please hit home runs. Please score runs. Please help us win the World Series and win an MVP award, which, oh, by the way, he already has.”

Danny Rouhier seemed to take exception with Harper’s clothing choice only because Harper, similar to John Wall with Wizards fans, has been known to question support from Nats fans, and wonders if there isn’t some hypocrisy on display.

“It’s not reasonable, and you and I believe this by the way, to have him be booed at home by a gaggle of Mets fans who took over the park,” Rouhier said. “You see what I’m saying?”

“If you’re gonna ask for universal support, meaning you want the hometown guys to be part of the hometown group, yeah, that’s a reasonable request,” he said.

“But he’s the guy, talking about Bryce, and John Wall was the guy, talking about the Wizards, that goes to the park repping somebody else,” he said. “Not from there, just happened to live there and be a bandwagon supporter of a loathsome, hateable franchise.

“So if a bunch of guys who have never been part of the Mets train, have no connections to Queens or Flushing or whatever the hell else — just liked the Mets because they dug Edgardo Alfonso in the late 90s and early 2000s and then just decided to show up and be Mets fans, and are booing and screaming and carrying on — they’re Bryce Harper, who don’t happen to be great Major League players.”

“And for those of you who are having a hard time with my stance when I was mad about what John Wall did, when I said it was silly and shortsighted, it’s an easy clarification,” Paulsen said.

“I hope you can follow this,” he said. “One guy went to a Redskins-Cowboys game with credentials from the Redskins and stood on the Cowboys’ sideline, not the Redskins’, in a Dez Bryant jersey before the Redskins played the Cowboys at FedEx Field.”

(Editor’s note: Wall wore an Emmitt Smith jersey to FedEx Field.)

“The other went to a wrestling event that had nothing to do with anything and happened to be shown on TV in a Cowboys hat,” Paulsen said. “Those are two really different things.”

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