By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — An important question for all readers:

Derek Zoolander, perhaps the most important fictional male model philosopher of the 21st century, poses a very serious question in the video above. It’s a question we’ve all likely asked ourselves at some time in our lives.

Will Compton, inside linebacker for the Redskins and notoriously handsome guy, surely posed that question to himself at one point. He went on to enjoy a successful NFL career, and that was probably a good decision as he’s due to make a seven-digit salary in 2017. But that hasn’t stopped him from being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking, according to a very important study done by

The study names Compton the fifth most attractive player in the NFL, with an attractiveness rating of 7.7 out of 10. (Actually, he’s tied for the seventh most attractive due to a three-way tie at No. 2, but we’ll go with the study’s numbers here.)

It is perhaps worth noting Compton rated higher than Tom Brady, the five-time Super Bowl champion quarterback with a supermodel wife.

Here, enjoy a couple of pictures from Compton’s days at Nebraska.

(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

What’s more, the Redskins are declared the league’s third most attractive team, with an average rating of 4.98. While that number isn’t especially high, keep in mind: These are professional athletes who spend their days getting tackled and tackling, while also wearing helmets. Those are not exactly conducive work conditions to keeping yourself looking your best, especially above the neck.

The two teams that beat the Redskins are the Tennessee Titans (5.05) and San Francisco 49ers (5.02). In other words, the Redskins are more attractive than the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, the only player of those three with a rating above 6.7 is Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (7.6); the Redskins have at least five players with a 7.2 or better.

Ratings were doled out by 400 participants, who rated headshots of random NFL players on a 1-10 scale. Participants were not shown the name, team or position of the players, though it’s certainly possible some of the raters knew of some of the players entering the study.

Compton was rated the Redskins’ most attractive player, but he wasn’t the only one who rocks the burgundy and gold to crack the league’s upper echelon.

Outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was awarded a 7.5 rating, running back Mack Brown was given a 7.4, receiver Pierre Garcon notched a 7.3 and linebacker Houston Bates earned a 7.2. Each of those players cracked the league’s top 10, which is actually the league’s top 27 when ties are factored in. Still, with 32 teams in the league, having five players inside the top 27 is nothing to scoff at.

The NFL’s most attractive player, per this study? Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. I guess holding up a trophy makes a football player more attractive…

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Interestingly, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is nowhere to be found. Only a small portion of players are listed, but Cousins is not among the team’s five most attractive players, nor is he among the league’s top 10 (27). But football is a team sport, and the Redskins perform exceptionally well as a team. Or something.

I believe team president Bruce Allen would call this “winning off the field.”

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  1. Flacco ?!?! Whatttt??? Obviously Kirk Cousins pic was not among the head shots #HTTR

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