The Super Bowl halftime show has given us our fair share of memorable moments over the years, and at Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga didn’t disappoint.

The Grammy-winning singer started off with a rendition of “God Bless America” on the roof of NRG stadium before jumping off the roof to make her entrance to the stage.

Oh, she also sang live, danced, and played multiple instruments with a backdrop of hundreds of lit-up drones. She performed a medley of her greatest hits, from “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” to “Telephone” and “Bad Romance.”

Gaga concluded her incredible show with a mic drop and an epic catch.

Watch her full performance below.

Twitter, as you would expect, reacted with plenty of jokes and a tip of the cap from Cirque Du Soleil for the acrobatics.

The performance drew praise from movie stars, political figures, athletes and more.

If that wasn’t enough Lady Gaga for you, the singer announced a world tour after the show, with a date in D.C. in November. See the full list of dates below.

Joanne World Tour Dates

August 1 โ€” Vancouver, BC
August 3 โ€” Edmonton, BC
August 5 โ€” Tacoma, WA
August 8 โ€” Los Angeles, CA
August 11 โ€” Las Vegas, NV
August 13 โ€” San Francisco, CA
August 15 โ€” Sacramento, CA
August 19 โ€” Omaha, NB
August 21 โ€” St. Paul, MN
August 23 โ€” Cleveland, OH
August 25 โ€” Chicago, IL
August 28 โ€” New York, NY
September 1 โ€” Boston, MA
September 4 โ€” Montreal, QC
September 6 โ€” Toronto, ON
September 10 โ€” Philadelphia, PA
September 15 โ€” Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
September 22 โ€” Barcelona, Spain
September 24 โ€” Zurich, Switzerland
September 26 โ€” Milan, Italy
September 29 โ€” Hamburg, Germany
October 1 โ€” Antwerp, Belgium
October 3 โ€” Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 6 โ€” Paris, France
October 9 โ€” London, UK
October 15 โ€” Birmingham, UK
October 17 โ€” Manchester, UK
October 21 โ€” Copenhagen, Denmark
October 23 โ€” Stockholm, Sweden
October 26 โ€” Berlin, Germany
October 28 โ€” Cologne, Germany
November 5 โ€” Indianapolis, IN
November 7 โ€” Detroit, MI
November 10 โ€” Uncasville, CT
November 13 โ€” Louisville, KY
November 15 โ€” Kansas City, KS
November 16 โ€” St. Louis, MO
November 19 โ€” Washington, DC
November 20 โ€” Pittsburgh, PA
November 28 โ€” Atlanta, GA
December 1 โ€” Tampa, FL
December 3 โ€” Houston, TX
December 5 โ€” Austin, TX
December 8 โ€” Dallas, TX
December 9 โ€” Oklahoma City, OK
December 12 โ€” Denver, CO
December 14 โ€” Salt Lake City, UT

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