WASHINGTON — Haven’t we been down this path enough?

Less than 24 hours into Donald Trump’s presidency, we are presented with what appears to be the third case of plagiarism within his family. In order:

First, Melania Trump’s Republican National Convention speech seemed to copy much of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.

Then, the president himself appeared to use a line from Bane, the infamous villain from The Dark Knight Rises, in his inaugural address.

Finally, when Trump and vice president Mike Pence were greeted with the cake celebrating their inauguration, one person happened to notice something a bit odd: The cake was nearly identical to the one made for Barack Obama four years prior.

It just so happens the person who noticed that striking resemblance is Duff Goldman, the famous cake maker who just so happened to make Obama’s cake in 2013. And it certainly appears to be nearly a carbon copy of the former president’s celebratory dessert.

The president using a single line that was also used by a movie character is likely coincidence. Melania Trump’s speech and Friday night’s cake appear to be direct ripoffs of Michelle Obama’s speech and the 2013 confection.

Is originality a thing of the past?

(h/t The Washington Post)

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  1. Where is a picture of Obama with
    the cake 4 years ago?

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