By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper is very strong.

We have covered this topic several times on these pages, including recently when we relayed on Harper’s latest workout videos. But there is a problem, either real or perceived. His form on some of his exercises is, well, not ideal.

The Nationals star even admits as much in some of his Instagram posts, noting his rounded back — something Eric “EB” Bickel is terrified of. He expressed his sentiments in a lengthy rant Monday morning, all of which revolve around Harper risking a back injury with his form, and it ultimately led to Bickel suffering some back pain of his own.

Before we get into it, here are the two videos in question, the first from a year ago, the second from this past weekend.

Not very good form, rounded back…but I guess I'll take it! #500Club

A post shared by Bryce Harper (@bharper3407) on

Now, here is a video on the proper way to deadlift.

Now, here’s Bickel.

“Let me preface this by saying I’m a huge Bryce fan, I love Bryce,” he begins. “It’s not really an attack on Bryce, he’s just being a guy, he’s trying to lift as much as he can, that’s cool. But the form that he’s doing — and believe me, I’m not a weightlifting expert by any stretch, but I know enough to know that you can’t … deadlift until you perfect the form with no weight. You can’t squat until you perfect the form with no weight. And then you gradually go up. And then as you start to lose your form, that’s it, you’re done.”

And later, after the four hosts all watch the video again, Bickel continues.

“It’s the worst form I’ve ever seen of a professional athlete,” he said. “And you wonder why the kid gets hurt all the time. He’s strong, God bless him. But he’s got a trainer over there rooting him on. The trainer should be fired. Anybody walking around and watching Bryce doing that, if I’m the Nats, I might actually ban him from working out outside of the Nats facility. I would be immediately on the phone with his agent, with [Scott] Boras, and I’d say, ‘This has got to stop right now. This is a major problem.’

“It’s the worst form in the country, and I can’t believe that they allow a professional athlete like that to do that to himself,” he added.

The conversation continued for an extended period of time, and it continued about the same way, with just about everybody on the show agreeing Harper is going to destroy his back.

Later on Monday, Chad Dukes of Chad Dukes vs. The World took an opposing view, arguing anybody who criticizes the form of an elite athlete like Harper can “sign up for the premium membership to the Pound Sand Network.”


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