By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — The Redskins came extremely close to making the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time in 24 years, but ultimately fell one win short.

Obviously the appropriate response to a 17-14-1 record over two seasons would be for management to fire the head coach, right? That’s all Copeland, a caller into 106.7 The Fan’s “Grant & Danny Show” on Monday, was trying to say, guys.

“As far as the Skins, they need an aggressive, tough, smart coach,” Copeland kicked off his call. “During the season [Jay Gruden] looked like a deer in the headlights. Many of the games that he choked up in, that resonates to the team.”

“And then Cousins, it would be great if he had someone that can tap into him and motivate him, make him tougher,” he said. “You know, Cousins showed when they played Green Bay again that he was angry, and he played better angry. He was angry because last year when Green Bay beat us, they ran off the field saying ‘like that, like that’ — he never forgot that.

“So they need a motivator that can tap into him mentally and he’ll be a good quarterback. We need to go ahead and sign him if we possibly can. If he won’t agree to our terms, we need to just go ahead and let him go.”

So, blow Gruden out with two years left on his guaranteed contract and bring in a motivator, like the type of coach capable of inspiring career years from a quarterback. Anything else?

“We need to trade Pro Bowler Trent Johnson and get some good picks for him while we possibly can,” Copeland added.

Grant Paulsen: You mean Trent Williams?

Copeland: Yeah, the guy that was on the line. That’s Trent Williams?

Paulsen: Left tackle. Yeah.

Copeland: Yeah, the left tackle. He’s got to go, because during the time that we needed him, he got popped for substance abuse four games during the crucial period of the season, and so we need to get the most value we can possibly get out of him. Now that he made the Pro Bowl, ship him out and let him go.

Paulsen: So you’re firing Jay Gruden and bringing in a new coach, and you’re trading Trent Williams?

Copeland: Yeah, absolutely, because you figure you’re going to get a new defensive coach, we want to try to keep that young guy that’s the offensive coordinator.

Paulsen: Sean McVay. Appreciate the call. I mean, firing Jay Gruden isn’t a good way to do that. Jay Gruden’s the reason he’s the OC and he’s running Jay’s offense. Their offense was really good this year. I don’t think firing coaches when you’re close is ever the answer. The trading of Trent Williams, also very interesting to me.

Danny Rouhier: Yeah. I don’t know that I’d rather have Ty Nsekhe and a pick or two.

Paulsen: Ty Nsekhe’s a free agent, so you may not have him either.

Rouhier: Well, that’s the other part of it, too. Left tackles like that usually don’t get traded when they can still play. I understand the disappointment of him getting suspended again. That’s frustrating that that happened. I’m not thrilled about that. But I’d rather sort of roll the dice with my All-Pro left tackle than not have one.

Solid plan.

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  1. Randy Roland says:

    Is this guy related to Vinny Cerato????

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