By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Former Redskins safety Kyshoen Jarrett broke his silence for the first time since suffering an injury that took him away from the game of football a year ago.

Jarrett, a sixth-round pick out of Virginia Tech by the Redskins in 2015, sustained a shoulder injury in Washington’s 2015 regular-season finale against Dallas which left him with lingering nerve damage. The injury stayed with him throughout the next year and, after failing a physical last July, Jarrett was waived by Washington with an injury settlement.

Jarrett hadn’t spoken publicly about the injury until now, with the only prior updates coming from Redskins officials in the months after it occurred, though those statements revealed little about the injury or Jarrett personally.

Jarrett took to Twitter Tuesday to unload his burdensome emotions on the one year anniversary of that life-altering hit.

Those thoughts, below, in full:

“God Bless. A year ago today a testimony began. January 3, 2016 vs. Dallas, I delivered and took a pretty hard hit directly into my neck. From that point on my life seemed to have done a complete 180. During the split seconds of everything occurring, I remember opening my eyes, longing for God to help, and my body began to regain life. What I felt was very unfamiliar, scary and I panicked. So I attempted to move every part of my body as I regained that feeling. My right arm was the only feeling that I couldn’t feel. I knew it was there.

“I could visually see my hand moving but I just couldn’t feel. I began to be determined to not be [taken] off on a stretcher. Please understand, only God himself gave me the strength and power to sit up, get up and walk off the field. I had just delivered and taken a hit that took life out of my body. A hit that’s not common in football but statistically known to effect babies during birth, motorcyclists and due to being shot. God got me up.

“When you’re only 22, drafted in the 6th round, 5’11/200 and considered a undersized player, expected to only to be a special teams player BUT you GRIND. You trust your ability. You turn heads, raise eyebrows. You are presented with an opportunity Week 4 against the Eagles and throughout the season become one of and a very versatile player for the defense. IT GETS NO BETTER! Free and strong safety, dime linebacker and nickle. I was a sponge and it allowed me to play multiple positions, sometimes all in one game as a ‘rookie.’ No one could understand #30. Boy, you think you’ve got the next 10+ years mapped out or what?

“I’ve prayed. I’ve cried. I’ve been angry. I’ve wanted to fight. I’ve wanted to call it quits. I’ve put my family through an emotional roller coaster. It has been just as and/or even harder on my wife. It sucked! I didn’t want to hear about God for weeks at a time. I hurt. Can’t sugar coat the electrical nerve pain running from my shoulder to the tip of my fingers that I felt all day, every day and that NO prescription felt like it helped.

“This is a continuation of healing for me. I haven’t spoken about it all year besides to those closest to me. I have many comments on my social media that ask if I’m going to come back next year? Are you going to play again?I believe many have [missed] the point. Yes, physically healing continues to take place in whichever way it does. Many have been more concerned about the game and the status of their favorite sports team. Sure, as a fan we all have that right. But as a person, I believe it’s the healing internally that’s most important.

“The heart of a person. The values they seek to help conquer each day and to improve themselves as man or woman. It’s not easy and we all aren’t perfect. Understanding if that particular person is doing well spiritually, mentally and emotionally is 10x more important. I encourage all to be considerate to those who enjoy entertaining you. That allows an individual to look in the mirror each day and ask themselves how they are doing in these areas. It generates self-reflecting questions that just isn’t about ball. Especially when ball is all you did, all you knew, and questions about self you ignore due to your only concern of a sport.

“For many, the game of football has been a safe place, best friend, father, mother or whatever escape is provided. After 12 years for myself, football was used as an escape in various areas. I’m able to admit and understand that I was allowing football to take the place of God. A jealous God. I’m more free and happy one year after the injury took place due to the work he has done in my heart and in my relationships.

“The first name who I called out for when I felt as if I lost it all is the main one who I ignored when I felt like I had it all. God is so real in my life. I believe he saved my life rather than me losing it. At this time, I seek his direction. Doesn’t matter the outcome of what happened one year ago. I grind every day to live, not play football. Prayerfully, the lord is willing to see me through. In the end, it’s his will.”

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