By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Longtime D.C. newsman Jim Vance shared his grim thoughts on the Redskins’ latest failed season on NBC Washington’s Monday evening newscast.

He may very well speak for the whole of long-suffering fans after watching the Redskins fail to extend their season against a Giants team with literally nothing to gain from their victory Sunday.

Sharing the news desk with Sherree Burruss, Eun Yang and Doug Kammerer, Vance brought the program back from break: “During the commercial break, you should have heard it. Sherree and Eun, they’re going back and forth, back and forth about the game and about the interceptions and all these plays and everything.”

“I’m sitting here going, ‘Puh-lease,'” he said. “I am sick of these dudes, quite frankly.”

“Oh, c’mon,” Eun Yang interjected. “Oh, no.”

“I am. Yes,” Vance insisted in response to an off-camera ‘really?‘ from Kammerer. “For so many years, ‘Wait till next year. Wait till next year. Wait till next year. Wait till next year.’ I’m gonna be dead before these guys ever go to places in the playoffs again.”

“You’ve read this book before,” Burruss said. “You’ve seen this story play out.”

“Yeah, for about 30 years now,” said Vance. “Twenty-five of ’em, anyhow. I’m sick of ’em.”


Watch here:

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