HYATTSVILLE, Md. — Two Maryland firefighters have been indicted on charges that they assaulted a female firefighter from another station during a fight over which unit should go first inside a burning home.

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks says volunteer firefighters Jeffry Miller and Chris Kelly were indicted Tuesday on multiple charges including second-degree assault and interfering with a firefighter in the performance of their duties.

Alsobrooks says a unit of career firefighters arrived first at the Hyattsville blaze last December, but Kelly, who wasn’t in full gear, blocked the door, preventing them from entering.

Alsobrooks says Kelly hit the career female firefighter, knocking her off the porch. She tried entering again, but officials say Miller grabbed her and pulled her away.

It’s unclear whether Miller and Kelly have attorneys.

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Comments (15)
  1. Chicky Dee says:

    I guess even fire fighters get their priorities all scrambled up, too.

  2. blenderrecipes says:

    Has to be more to this story

  3. Alsobrooks? Are we running out of REAL names?

    1. LOL… It’s like Kansas and Arkansas…

      1. Also East Dakota and West Dakota.

  4. At one time in American History, especially in the big cities, this was a common place occurrence. Apparently some of these Neanderthal genes got propagated into the present day with some of these firefighters. All of the firefighters guilty of this type of action should be immediately fired and not allowed to work as public servants for the remainder of their lives.

  5. Kelly doesn’t need a lawyer, he needs the woman’s husband, brother, or father to beat the hell out of him.

  6. Well if that ain’t an incomplete story, I don’t know what is. The thing isn’t even ready for print. What a joke.

    1. Must have texted the report in.

  7. Let’s see, I was maybe 14 years old, neighbors house was on fire, their dog was still inside. Fireman said, “You can’t go in there son,” Never even slowed down, just said, “Want to bet?” as I flew past him into the living room, started calling for Junior (miserable Chihuahua, always used to bite me.) Heard him behind the couch, yanked it, grabbed Junior and ran outside, back to our house, where his owners were. A Putz that stops you is no kind of fireman I want. btw, Junior liked me from that day forward. Kind of nice.

  8. Fireman blocking door, while another throws her off the porch.
    Yet she still got up and tried to go inside.

    Typical woman. Been told twice and still ignored the man.

  9. So, maybe it’s time to bring back the Plug Uglies then? Ah, progress!

  10. Females have no business pretending to be firemen in the first place. They are physically incapable of doing the job. Reality matters.

  11. That is what happens when ‘WOMEN” are given a free ride along with ‘adjusted’ requirements, ALWAYS LESS standards than Men are held to. Not only is that a cause for friction. But WOMEN are automatically promoted above MEN at all times for no other reason than possessing the ‘RIGHT’ sex organ. That level of SEXISM is promoted and still in place. And one wonders why there is so much friction in the workplace..

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