By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Shawn Springs had a whole lot to say when he was in studio with The Sports Junkies on Tuesday.

He told the story of the worst concussion he ever sustained, in which he says he was “foggy for about two weeks.”

He made his prediction of how the NFC East would shake out.

And he discussed plenty of other aspects of the NFL today, and more specifically, this Redskins team. One of the stars, and certainly the biggest name, on the team is, of course, Josh Norman, who attracts attention like a lightning rod, even when he doesn’t seem to be seeking it.

Springs was asked about the decision Redskins defensive coordinator Joe Barry made β€” so controversial then, but now seemingly ages old β€” to leave Norman on one side of the field while star receiver Antonio Brown was left to roam the field against the Redskins’ other defensive backs. Springs offered his thoughts on Norman, none of which was overly flattering, but he didn’t seem to take any shots against the highly-paid star.

“It didn’t matter if it was Josh Norman or [Bashaud] Breeland, both of them was gonna get it, was gonna get the business,” Springs said of the Brown matchup.

“I tell people this all the time, because people look at his contract and say 75 million, but what were your expectations? He came from a great defense in Carolina where he earned it. He’s a system guy. He’s not a guy that you say ‘I want you to go out there and lock this guy down.'”

The Junkies then began chiming in, starting with John-Paul Flaim.

Flaim: “Although when he’s been given a chance this yearβ€””

Springs: “β€”he’s played well.”

Jason Bishop: “And he’s not there, and Carolina’s defense is struggling.”

Eric Bickel: “What’s his big weakness though?”

Springs: “I don’t think there’s a big weakness, I just think he’s an all-around solid guy. I don’t think he’s a freakshow like, say, Patrick Peterson. I think he’s just a good player.”

“He does a lot of good things well. The guy is a hard worker,” Springs said. “You remember Ronde Barber? He did a lot of things well. Ronde was the fastest guy, he didn’t have lightning speed, but he’s gonna be in a great position at all times, he’s going to punch the ball out, he’s going to pick the ball off, he’s going to get a sack, and therefore Ronde is a Hall of Famer.

“I think Josh Norman is the same way. He’s not gonna overwhelm you, like he’s gonna go out there and check Julio Jones, match up with him one-on-one all day and chase him around. But he will punch the ball out, he’ll play his side, he’s not gonna bust a lot of things. I just think he just plays solid, he’s a good kid.”

OK, got all that?

That was all on Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening, Norman tweeted out the following:

On the off chance that Norman deletes the tweet, it quotes the following tweet from @CSNRedskins.

Norman opens with a confused emoji, followed by a middle finger emoji, then says:

“smh you know nothing of/about me guy. U couldn’t even fake! The realm we in-”

So, Springs basically said Norman doesn’t have elite physical skills β€” which most people would probably agree with β€” but he still manages to get the job done, and he compares him to likely future Hall of Famer Ronde Barber. Norman takes offense and responds with a middle finger.

Perhaps Norman wasn’t too happy about being called “a system guy” and not a cornerback who’s going to go lock someone down?

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