WASHINGTON — ESPN’s residential comedian Stephen A. Smith livened up the “First Take” audience Tuesday by calling the Redskins “losers.”

See, after beating the Eagles for the fourth consecutive time on Sunday, for their fourth straight victory, one season removed from going 4-2 against NFC East opponents en route to a division title, Ricky Jean Francois and Chris Baker reminded everyone “we run the east” on their walk back to the Redskins locker room.

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That prompted Smith, who, according to the internet, has never played a down of NFL football, to remind these professional footballers, after a victory, of their place as losers. Nothing seems out of the ordinary here, right?

“Bravo. Bravo. You’re the champions of the NFC East,” Smith said, clapping his hands. “WOW! I’m SO touched! I mean, can we stop and throw a party in the nation’s capital? You are the champions of the NFC East. I’m so touched. Where’s the tissue? Let me wipe my tears away, Max. I mean this is just so touching. I can’t believe, I mean I’m getting emotional right now. The Washington Redskins are the champions of the NFC East. By the way, a division where they were the only team above .500, and you want a cookie?

“You’re gonna literally walk through a locker room — (as opposed to literally crawling?) —  through the hallways en route to your locker room BRAGGING — bragging — about the fact that ‘we’re the real champions of the NFC East.’ What do you want, a cookie? No wonder y’all are losers,” Smith continued.

“See, this is the kind of stuff that we’re talking about here that makes no sense. Makes no sense. And I’m not calling them losers because of their record, because they’re the reigning NFC East champions. I’m not calling them losers because they’re not losing this year, they’re 4-2. I’m talking about a loser’s mentality. You have been inept. You have been nonexistent. When’s the last time you’ve won a Super Bowl?”

Baker must have been watching, because he quickly reminded Smith of his own place.

Francois responded, as well.

As did wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

And injured safety DeAngelo Hall.

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tweet Redskins Demand Stephen A. Smith Put Some Respect on Their Name

This is very likely over and probably won’t at all lead to a personal retaliation by Smith.

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  1. expatde says:

    That is just Stephen A. Smith’s way of acknowledging that the Redskins have a good team. Maybe that fact does not make him happy, but acknowledgement from detractors still feels good.

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