By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — A few weeks ago, Josh Norman celebrated a play he made by pretending to shoot a bow-and-arrow into the air.

The NFL did not condone the celebration. The referees at that game flagged Norman for unsportsmanlike conduct — “that foul counts as one of those that leads to a disqualification,” the referee said in announcing the penalty — and Norman was subsequently fined more than $9,000 for it.

That seemed to settle that, as the league made it perfectly clear that fake violence is a big no-no. (The Redskins soon learned that pretending to play another sport is also frowned upon.)

Chris Baker: Almost Seems Like NFL is Targeting Josh Norman

However, the league’s stance on the celebration suddenly became muddled when NFL Network released a promotional video on the Redskins cornerback. That video included, you guessed it, that bow-and-arrow celebration.

The simulated violence occurs at the 0:11 mark of the video, which NFL Network tweeted out.

Norman: Roger Goodell is a ‘Dog in a Suit’

The internet, as it always does, noticed.

While the NFL and NFL Network are separate entities, they work pretty closely, and it’s awfully contradictory to see the network promote the celebration mere weeks after the league condemned it.

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