By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — If there’s any one takeaway relevant to the Wizards from Tuesday’s annual NBA GM survey, it’s that the Wizards, in the eyes of 29 front office heads, aren’t relevant.

Out of the entire assortment of player- and team-specific survey questions, John Wall is the only Wizards anything to receive mention, drawing 40 percent of the vote when GMs were asked, “Which player is the fastest with the ball?”

That’s good for second place, behind Russell Westbrook (46.7%), in the same category Wall dominated with 53.4 percent of the vote one year ago.

That, and Washington being predicted to finish seventh in the Eastern Conference, are the only traces of Wizardry you’ll find in the 48-part questionnaire.

How far they’ve come in 12 months. Prior to launching their non-playoff-bound 2015-16 season, the Wizards had GMs wondering if Bradley Beal or Otto Porter were more likely to breakout, if Jared Dudley might foray into coaching post-playing career, and they had the league’s fastest player with the ball.

Wall, who finished third last season in assists per game, was suspiciously snubbed — again — in the best passer category, garnering exactly zero percent of the vote. Chris Paul, receiving 62.1 percent, was deemed the league’s best passer. Ben Simmons, who has yet to make a pass, or even play in, an NBA game, was also recognized as an elite passer.

The Wizards aren’t alone in their apparent non-existence.

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  1. expatde says:

    So if John Wall averages 25 points and 12 assists per game while leading the Wizards to a 50 win season, he will prove a lot of anonymous NBA GM expectations to be wrong. Wall and the Wizards are not viewed as irrelevant, but the NBA GMs do not expect them to be as good as other teams and other point guards.

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