By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, their fourth win in as many games, but don’t expect Philadelphia sports personality Howard Eskin to give Washington much credit for it.

Eskin called in to talk to The Sports Junkies on Monday morning, and he offered no mea culpa for his less-than-flattering remarks on the burgundy and gold from Friday. If you missed the original comments, here they are:

Fast-forward to Monday, when Eskin joined the Junks again.

Host Eric Bickel opened by suggesting two things: First, that the Redskins are better than they were initially believed to be; Second, that the Eagles are worse than they were initially believed to be.

Eskin took it from there.

“I think one part of that that you just mentioned is correct: The Eagles may not be as good as I thought they were,” he began.

And then he was off.

“Let’s just calm down with the Redskins. I know they won the game. [The Eagles] had a right tackle who I could have done as much as he did, because he didn’t block anybody, either, in [Halapoulivaati] Vaitai. I would have been a turnstile, too. So that is part of it, because Carson Wentz had no time. And I get all that, and that’s part of it too. Lane Johnson is a dope for doing what he did, and he screwed up the whole team and he screwed up their whole offensive line.

“But come on with Kirk Cousins. He should thrown — he threw one interception, which was an absolutely brutal, stupid pass off his back foot. And then the one in the endzone, it looked like DeSean Jackson stripped the ball away from Malcolm Jenkins. That could have been two interceptions.

“Hey listen, the Eagles didn’t play well enough to win. I get it. I get it. But the Redskins kept them in the game because of the dope [Vernon Davis] with the penalty after the touchdown, so that leads to a touchdown. Kirk Cousins is not even close to the same quarterback he was last year. So you guys just gotta calm down.”

For a final kicker, Eskin made his position quite clear.

“The reality is, I still don’t think the Redskins are that good,” he said. “I don’t know what happened to the Eagles defense. I think the Redskins are OK.”

So, no, Eskin doesn’t think much of the Redskins’ win. Nor does he think much of the four wins in a row. Nor does he think the Redskins are especially good.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  1. Sour grapes, but what would you expect from some sorry ass Philly loser.

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