By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — What was the difference between the Washington Redskins winning and losing last Sunday? One small slip. Allegedly.

With all of the momentum on their side in the second quarter, the Baltimore Ravens went for the kill on fourth down, running a sloppy fake field goal that failed to convert a first down or touchdown.

Afterward, would-be hero Justin Tucker lamented the bad officiating luck.

“When we run something in practice and feel good about it, then it’s good enough to run during the game because we like our chances,” Tucker told the media. “It just so happens that Crockett may have slipped on the play.”

But Gilmore didn’t slip–he was tripped by Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho, who confessed to as much after the game. On Friday, he called the decision “a veteran move” and insists that it happens on nearly every play in every game:

justin tucker fake fg left footed against redskins Duke Ihenacho: Tripping Happens on Every Play

“I tripped him, man,” Ihenacho told CBS Sport’s Jim Rome. “Absolutely. I stuck my leg out there and tried to trip him. Just being a vet and knowing how to get away with certain things. Man, every play it happens in the game, so I definitely tripped him.”

Rome laughed and praised Ihenacho for “keeping it real,” before questioning Gilmore’s complete lack of reaction.

“Nah, nah, nah, nah. Tripping goes on every play,” Ihenacho said with a laugh. “That’s something that goes on every play, you’ve just got to know you can’t let yourself get tripped. It’s like a receiver trying to get the ball–you can’t let yourself get held.

“Sometimes they’re going to call it, sometimes they’re not.

This is a prime example of how the outcome of a play dictates the narrative. If Ihenacho doesn’t trip Gilmore, the Ravens likely go ahead by 11 points and Duke looks foolish on replay. If he does what he did and tgets called for tripping, the Ravens would at least have a first down and possibly go on to score a touchdown.

Once again, Ihenacho would look foolish and probably be called bush league and unsportsmanlike. This play would have been a topic of conversation on sports radio all week in the district.

Instead, the Redskins get a turnover on downs, and hold on at the end of the game for their third win of the season. That’s the type of cerebral play the Redskins need out of their veteran defensive backs.


Listen to Duke Ihenacho’s other comments to Jim Rome (starting at the 25:30 mark):


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