WASHINGTON — Chris Baker has been free agent nose tackle Terrance Knighton’s loudest supporter.

The Redskins have been getting torched by opposing rushing attacks. They rank 30th in the NFL with 650 yards allowed, and that’s only after the Ravens’ mystifying decision to go away from the run last Sunday after gaining 74 yards on the ground in the first half.

That might explain why the Redskins brought Knighton and Phil Taylor in for workouts on Monday. Each player, however, left Redskins Park without a contract. The Redskins did add defensive lineman Joey Mbu, an undrafted free agent in 2015, to to the practice squad.

During an interview Monday with Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, Baker was asked why he thinks the Redskins decided against adding a defensive lineman at this time.

“I’m not sure. I’m just as confused as everyone else,” Baker said. “Obviously we have a need for a good nose tackle on this team. The guys that we have have been doing a great job, but, you know, Terrance or Phil Taylor, they actually are big, hefty nose tackles that can take on those double teams. Ziggy [Hood]’s been doing a great job. I played a little nose last week.

“We’ve just got to play with the cards that we’re dealt and hopefully we can just continue to get better and try and win some more games, but we’re kind of all confused by this decision not to sign either one of those, now both.”

“So the guys in the locker room are a little confused by it?” Dukes followed up.

“I’m not sure. This is our off day, so we haven’t really been around a whole bunch of the other guys,” Baker said. “But, obviously I’m close to both of those guys. I played at school at Penn State with Phil, and me and Terrance grew up together and I thought it was a forgone conclusion when I saw them both at the facility. And both was in great shape, worked out well, so I thought we’ll sign ’em both, if not, one, but I guess things didn’t work out that way.”

Asked if reports about Knighton being out of shape were true, Baker replied, “Oh, no. I watched him work out this morning, man. He looks good out there. Light on his feet. Him and Phil Taylor both, they look good.”

knighton tweet update Chris Baker Confused by Redskins Not Signing Knighton

knighton Chris Baker Confused by Redskins Not Signing Knighton

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