By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — A rainy Saturday gave way to a gorgeous Sunday in Washington, D.C., made even better by Nationals postseason baseball. It wasn’t just the players and the fans who flocked to the stadium–it was also the pigeon community around Nationals Park.

Clustering in shallow left field or strolling toward the pitcher’s mound, the birds took center stage in the broadcast on a number of occasions, most notably when they were either intentionally or unintentionally dispersed.

The first was on 1-1 pitch to Daniel Murphy in the bottom of the seventh inning, which drove in a clutch insurance run. His third hit of the day also broke up a party of almost one dozen birds in left field (0:35):

Not long after this, in the bottom of the ninth, Nats closer Mark Melancon came on to finish the game. Before he could do that, however, he had to come off the mound to get rid of a bird:

100917 waslad pigeons3 lo 0a6bpdwk Murphy, Melancon Disperse Bold Pigeons (Video)

Fortunately, the team boarded a plane after the game, and will not need the services of Nats Park until at least Thursday. If a Game 5 is necessary for the NLDS, then hopefully some sort of timeshare can be negotiated with the birds of Washington.


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