By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins won on Sunday to improve to 2-2 and jump back into the race for the NFC East title, but they did so with a less-than-inspiring win over the 0-4 Cleveland Browns.

A win is a win, and should be celebrated, but some fans around Washington weren’t overly impressed with the style in which the Redskins picked up the W. Among those people are several members of The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan.

Throughout Monday’s show, the foursome, led by Jason “Lurch” Bishop and Eric “EB” Bickel, expressed some disappointment with how the win came to be, specifically via a few questionable calls by the officiating crew that went Washington’s way. Had it not been for some strokes of luck, the pair argued, the Redskins might very well have lost to the Browns, considered by many to be the worst team in the NFL.

But while they weren’t pleased, plenty of others in the D.C. area, as well as John-Paul “JP” Flaim, took the “a win is a win” road.

After all, Washington is now back to .500 and within striking distance of the division lead. The Philadelphia Eagles had their bye week in Week 4, but they lead the division at 3-0. The Dallas Cowboys are second, at 3-1, followed by the New York Giants, who play the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. If the Giants, 2-1, fall to the Vikings, the Redskins will leapfrog them for third place in the division.

That, paired with the fact that Washington was 0-2 two weeks ago, has many in the area feeling optimistic, and two of those fans called into 106.7 The Fan to tell the Junkies to cheer up.

“Is this a Misery Monday or a Victory Monday?” Dan in Reston said. “Because this sounds pretty miserable. Are the Skins 0-4 or are we 2-2? I think we ought to be a little more optimistic.”

“OK, they’re 2-2. Do you feel like this — just look at the team overall — do you feel like this is a playoff team?” Bickel asked.

“Let me just tell you this right now, I’m not going to answer that question like a good politician,” Dan responded. “We’re 2-2, with two wins in a row. We may go 2-14, but there’s no need right now to be so down. Kirk Cousins can still play better, the defense is slammed with injuries. Joe Barry, defensive coordinator of the year, keeping it together with duct tape. The team’s gonna do great. Let’s be a little optimistic here. Let’s not just throw in the towel after a win, after a double-digit win. Let’s have some fun, be a little happy.”

Later, David in Silver Spring echoed Dan’s thoughts.

“My biggest thing is, we won yesterday,” David said. “We have the rest of the week to go ahead trash about how bad the defense is, and all the mistakes that [defensive coordinator Joe] Barry’s doing, and the interception that Kirk did. It’s positive. Be positive.”

“So just be a blind homer today? Is that what you’re saying, be a blind homer today?” Bickel asked.

“Be a blind homer today,” David said. “Yes.”

“Can’t do it. Can’t do it. Gotta be honest,” Bickel responded.

David then claimed he doesn’t care if the Redskins are a playoff team, which the Junkies ridiculed, because they’re looking for at least a postseason appearance to consider the year a success.

In essence, the two fans are claiming the city should celebrate a win without looking toward the future, while the Junkies think a sloppy win over a lowly Browns team is a bad sign for the season.

Where do you stand on the issue?

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