By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — A question from a radio caller Friday into 106.7 The Fan — Chris in Centreville — prompted Chad Dukes to weigh in on an ongoing feud in satellite radio, between Gregg “Opie” Hughes and his former co-hosts, Anthony Cumia and comedian Jim Norton.

“I’ve been a fan of that show for years,” Dukes said, when asked if he thought Opie and Anthony could ever work together again.

“I actually, this is a true story, Chris, I got in trouble for supporting that show,” he said. “I was working in Baltimore, doing middays on a little show called ‘Out to Lunch.’

“It was me and my friend Oscar Santana and Josh Spiegel, who now of course is over on 98 Rock, and I would — this was back when XM was brand new, Opie and Anthony signed with XM — I would hand out W.O.W. stickers at our show events, just because I was such a huge mark fanboy and wanted to be acknowledged by them. I have been a couple of times. It hasn’t always gone well. It usually goes poorly.”

“But I’m a big, fat mark,” Dukes continued. “I think they can work together in some capacity, Chris, just because every radio guy hates every other radio guy, so even the ones that are working together hate each other. I mean, Kevin and Bean work in different states, but they have for years, and years and years. But I got in trouble because I was handing out stickers and Don Geronimo was in a huge feud with them back then, and we were on the same station as Don and he started murdering me, just killing me.

“And I wanted to get to this station. I didn’t want to be on in Baltimore, I wanted to be on this station, and Don said, ‘There’s no way that Chad Dukes will ever be on 106.7,’ at that point WJFK, and it took a long time, but eventually I was able to overcome that.”

“Did you ever patch up your differences there with old Don Geronimo,” co-host Chris Russell asked.

“Yeah. Anyone that knows Don Geronimo knows that he’s his own man and he’s fire-and-brimstone,” Dukes said. “I mean, I listened to Don and Mike my whole life, so I’m always going to be a fan of Don and Mike, but I have a huge history with all of them. And I love that stuff. I love hot-talk. I love guy-talk. I love the fighting.

“But to think that there’s no way Opie and Anthony could ever work — in any way, shape or form — together, I don’t agree, just because I know radio guys. Mike and the Mad Dog hated each other the whole time they were together. Don and Mike hated each other the whole time. Well, maybe not the whole time, but most of the time. You don’t need to like the person [audible throat clear] that’s in the room with you to be able to do a show.”

“I’m feeling awkward all of a sudden,” Russell said.

“I have been in knockdown, drag-out screaming matches with everybody that I’ve ever done radio with,” Dukes said. “And we’ve somehow managed to do shows. I think they could work together. I’m interested to hear what happens next with Jim and Sam [Roberts]. I’m a fan of both of those guys, and Opie’s always been good to me, so you ain’t gonna hear me trash Opie on this show.”

“Fighting in radio is the best thing on earth, Russell!”

Dukes also pulled back the curtain to reveal a new wrinkle about his classic Redskins rant, when he famously fumed for an entire segment about a particularly humiliating loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, a rant which garnered national attention.

“Here’s a little tidbit about the rant that I’ve never told anybody, okay? As I’m doing the Redskins rant, right, all those years ago after the Eagles game, LaVar [Arrington] is screaming ‘get ’em,’ which everyone loves,” Dukes said. “I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to burn the building down — I was so annoyed with him screaming ‘get ’em’ the whole time.”

“My friend Justin Schlegel, who does mornings on 98 Rock, as it happens… texts me, ‘It’s like someone just spray-painted ‘get ’em’ across the Mona Lisa,’ and that was the highest compliment that I’ve ever received,” he said. “Now, looking back on it, everybody loved the ‘get ’em’ stuff. That’s what they remember about the whole thing, so it was fine, but in that moment, I was really, really upset and really angry.

“When he was doing that, I felt like it was just kind of like mocking the whole situation, so I was pissed, and I got that text and I felt better, but now in retrospect it was all fun. It was all fun radio. But LaVar and I had some pretty epic dust-ups.”

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