By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — For those accustomed to Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd trolling D.C. athletes with his on-air takery, this one may throw you for a loop.

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, Cowherd says, is better at his position than Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. is at his.

This of course was prior to the Redskins’ 29-27 victory over the Giants Sunday, a game in which Beckham, despite leading all receivers with seven catches for 121 yards, lost control of his emotions in a heated dispute with a kicking net on the Giants sideline.

Cowherd, last Thursday, shot down the notion and common offseason refrain that Norman is no shutdown corner, but rather a system guy who cashed in on his success with the Panthers, which should largely be attributed to their loaded defense.

(Correction: The initial version of this post incorrectly cited Cowherd’s comments as being made on Monday when they were, in fact, said last Thursday, prior to Sunday’s game.)

“Not really,” Cowherd said. “He’s a good player. Very good. The truth is he’s a really, really good cornerback. In a league where there’s very few, if any, lockdown corners, he’s damn good.

“He was never amazing and he was never a system guy, but Josh Norman has one big problem… you don’t see a lot of Josh Norman highlights because nobody throws toward him. In two games this year, seven times people have even targeted his receivers for two catches.”

“The truth is Josh Norman is a better corner than Odell Beckham is a wide receiver,” he said. “Oh, I said it, and it’s true. Josh Norman is rated higher as a cornerback than Odell Beckham is as a wide receiver, according to Pro Football Focus, which I think is the single best site, owned by Cris Collinsworth at another network, NBC, of determining the value, and the strength, and the ability of players.”

“But the difference is, Odell Beckham’s highlights are spectacular,” he continued. “And Josh Norman is sort of like a TSA employee, or an IT employee at work, or the Federal Reserve chairman, or an NBA ref. The less you hear about ’em, and the less you see ’em, the better they are.

“The truth is there’s not that many great Richard Sherman highlights for the Seahawks, because most people don’t throw his direction. If you know about a TSA employee, if you know about the Federal Reserve chairman, if you know about the IT employee at work, they’re not very good at their job because you’re having to constantly call the IT guy and say, ‘Dude. The copier’s broke again.'”

“There are certain jobs in America that are at a disadvantage, because when you’re really good, we shouldn’t hear about you,” he said. “NBA ref, Federal Reserve chairman and cornerback in the NFL. Josh Norman’s at a highlight disadvantage. Nobody shares ‘batting down a ball over the middle,’ but that Odell Beckham one-handed catch, if you grabbed your little instrument, your little device, your little phone, your little iPhone 6, 7, 9, whatever it is, it’s somewhere.”

“It’s somewhere in your little favorite category,” he said. “So we live in a Vine society, a Snapchat society, a highlight society, and Odell Beckham has a massive highlight advantage. Josh Norman’s a better corner than Odell Beckham is a wide receiver. Go to Pro Football Focus. I mean I can off the top of my head say four or five wide receivers I’ll take over Odell Beckham, that are bigger — Julio Jones, Dez Bryant — and stronger.”

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