By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Redskins corner Josh Norman was baffled by having to take a drug test after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.

“How the NFL has us drug tested right after the game, I don’t understand that,” Norman told reporters. “I really don’t. It’s crazy. Don’t have anything left in the tank and they want you drug tested.”

“You can’t wait until tomorrow?” he added. “What’s a day gonna do?”

Defensive end Chris Baker explained to Chad Dukes and Chris Russell just why the league mandating post-game drug tests is so absurd.

“That’s completely terrible man, because you just get done playing a football game, then you have stipulations on, once you go to the bathroom, your pee has to be a certain PH level and the whole game you’re trying to stay hydrated,” Baker said Monday on 106.7 The Fan.

“So you can finish a football game and you’re hydrated, and then you go pee to take a drug test but then your pee is too clear,” he said. “Then you can’t leave the locker room or go see your family and go home after a football game until you give a proper level test. I think it’s crazy.”

Baker went on to explain that the suddenness of the request alone is inherently unfair, that a player asked to test after a game might as well kiss whatever plans he had for after the game goodbye.

“I haven’t been one of the guys that’s been tested after a game,” he said, “But I believe a lot of the guys find out like right when the game is over, like, ‘Hey, you’re on the list.’

“And it’s like, well what if I don’t have to pee for another hour or so, or what if I do pee and I’m very hydrated, and it’s going to come back as a diluted test? And then that’s an automatic fail in the drug test standards. So for them to test us after a game is frickin’ crazy. It doesn’t even make sense.”

“I don’t get why they can’t wait until Monday to do it,” Bakers said. “Call us in on Monday on our off day or Tuesday, any day that we’re at work. Why would you test us right after a game? It’s crazy.”

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