WASHINGTON — Now is as good a time as any for Charley Casserly to double down, it would seem.

Casserly, the former Redskins GM who before the season called Kirk Cousins the worst quarterback in the NFC East, joined The Sports Junkies again Tuesday to reiterate his thoughts on the Redskins signal-caller.

But before Casserly got into the nitty gritty, he took a quick shot at the Junkies, who asked for his thoughts on the show the very first time he ever heard it.

“I had trouble getting through five minutes, let alone 20 years,” Casserly joned.

Alright, to the Cousins talk.

“You’d like to think that he gets going a little bit better than he he’s doing, but maybe this is what he is,” Casserly said of Cousins, who has thrown three interceptions to one touchdown while leading the Redskins to an 0-2 start. “It’s not as bad as the bad, not as good as the good. The book on him coming out was inconsistency. He hit a rhythm last year, and if you notice, when the ball comes out quick, he gets into a rhythm.

“However, one of the things — the deep ball accuracy was off Sunday, and that’s been off before. And he’ll come off the deep ball at times. Part of that might be the coaching, and part of that might be him. But there’s a little bit in there of inconsistency in his history, and maybe this is what he’s gonna be. When you talk to people that play them, this is what they see, the guy that’s playing right now.”

Host Eric Bickel was somewhat taken aback at the comments, instead believing this two-game stretch is more of a fluke than the norm for Cousins.

“What you’re saying is, when you talk to people around the league, they don’t have a lot of faith in Kirk, and they feel like this inconsistent version is what you’re gonna get?”

“Mostly, that’s what people will think,” Casserly responded. “Now if he was on the market, he wouldn’t be an elite guy, but the teams that don’t have somebody, they would certainly go after him, OK? Obviously he’s hurting himself.”

Casserly also mentioned the Redskins defense not performing quite as well as hoped, and the offense sputtering in the red zone.

The full call is available below.

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