By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Eric Bickel is one of the Junkies. Eric Bickel’s mom might as well be.

A regular staple on the show, Mrs. B has provided countless segments of entertainment.

If you need to catch up, listen to previous Junkies TBT segments here.

Junkies Throwback Thursday Segment Of The Week

EB Tells His Mom About Playgirl

“I’m speechless. Why would you ever want to do anything like that? … That is wrong!”

EB’s Mom Talks to Girl About Selling Her Virginity

“You seem like a lovely woman, but we obviously share very different religious and moral beliefs.”

Mrs. Bickel’s Take on the Bible

Mrs. Bickel argues with the boys about the possibilities of Bible stories.

Junkies 20 and “Throwback Thursdays” are presented by GEICO and Cropp Metcalfe.


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