By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — The downside of putting Junkies Throwback segments to a vote each week is some great, classic bits get lost in the wash.

For that reason, we’ll make a rare exception this week by revisiting a few previously revisited Junkies segments.

Your winning TBT segment: Lurch sells his golf clubs on air.

Lurch: I want to sell at least $150 worth of clubs tonight. I’m cised to do that. I’m quitting the game, Bickel! I’m quitting. It sucks. I suck. I hate it. It’s not fun.

JP: Are you gonna start to play another game? Like, are you gonna go back to basketball?

Lurch: I’ll hoop it up. Maybe I’ll go bowling. I’ll just start doing other stuff. Maybe I’ll train for the Tour de France or something.

The time Lurch — forever the penny-pincher — sold his old golf clubs to listeners on the air.

When Bret sucked EB’s toes on air (it feels even grosser writing than it does reading it).

Remember when the Junks sparked a friendship with the late, great Toronto mayor, Rob Ford?

Junkies 20 and “Throwback Thursdays” are presented by Geico and Cropp Metcalfe.


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