By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Crisis seems to have been averted with Stephen Strasburg’s pitching elbow. For now.

After being out for nearly three weeks with elbow soreness, Strasburg exited Wednesday’s game — his first start since Aug. 17 — with an apparent arm injury. His body language suggested bad news may be on the horizon. Fans feared the worst for the former Tommy John surgery recipient.

“Stephen had his MRI today. I know everyone was concerned about did he re-injure that Tommy John ligament and the answer’s no,” Nationals athletic trainer Paul Lessard said Thursday. “Ligament is good.”

“The rest of the elbow looks basically the same as the last MRI that we did,” Lessard said. “However, he does have a new injury, a little strain in his flexor mass. He strained his flexor mass while he was pitching last night.”

Timetable: “I’m thinking let’s take care of the swelling and get pain-free range of motion and then we’ll start a strengthening program. I’m just worried about the next four or five days right now.”

“It’s not a season-ending injury,” he added. “But we still need to take time to make sure he’s nice and strong because of his past.”

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