WASHINGTON — The Sports Junkies began their official CSN Mid-Atlantic simulcast on Tuesday, and they started with a bang.

Their first guest? Hall of Famer Darrell Green, who dished on just about everybody of note, including the former Redskins quarterback who still generates more interest locally than just about anybody in Washington.

That’s right, Robert Griffin III. Here we go.

“So do you think it’s going to turn out well for him in Cleveland?” host Jason Bishop asked Green. “Probably not.”

“I’d be surprised if it did,” Green answered.

Green on Norman, Schottenheimer, More

“What do you see about him, like technique-wise, as a quarterback, the skills that he has — just where he is in terms of as a player, not as a moral person,” host Eric Bickel asked. “Where do you see him as a quarterback?”

“Well remember, I said Kirk Cousins was the quarterback before I saw him,” Green said. “And when I saw him, I still said Kirk Cousins was the quarterback. And eventually, Kirk became that.”

Green: ‘Kirk Cousins is Mark Rypien’

“What is it about Robert’s game, though, that you didn’t like?” Bickel asked.

“I’m the old conventional quarterback,” Green answered, rattling off a handful of dropback quarterbacks he admired, such as Dan Marino and John Elway. “I think those quarterbacks are more successful in the scheme of an NFL team, and that running the ball stuff, backyard football stuff, is gonna get — somebody will win eventually, here and there, they’ll win one — but overall, you’re going to get somebody hurt. Bad. That’s how a guy who wasn’t a runner got tore up by LaVar Arrington. He hit Aikman, Aikman was way outside the box on the sideline. And so that’s not where quarterbacks are supposed to play, they’re supposed to play in the box and deliver the ball. People run routes, people block, you deliver the ball. That may be old fashioned, but if you don’t develop that other part … and your knees get hit, you’re pretty much done.”

Green also commented on the off-field issues concerning Griffin. The Browns quarterback has made headlines recently for his roller-coaster relationship saga. In the span of a few days, news broke that Griffin was getting divorced, had a new girlfriend and had the new girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm.

A Warning From RGIII’s Ex-Wife to His New Girlfriend

“I don’t appreciate his moral stance,” Green said of Griffin. “What he’s doing, his wife, his kid. I mean, he’s jacked up. That’s not good. I don’t appreciate that. When you have responsibility, young people looking at you, he had this whole city in his hands. And when you do that, you’re responsible for more than yourself, and that’s selfish and that’s childish, the way he’s operating.”

The full call with Green is available below.

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