By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — On Thursday, we learned a 106.7 The Fan listener had obtained several copies of Redskins’ defensive workbooks, which he’d found discarded in a dumpster while cleaning out his car in Ashburn.

Josh in Ashburn, the moniker by which the caller chose to identify himself when calling into The Sports Junkies, provided photographic evidence of the workbooks, showing they once belonged to Ejiro Ederaine, a linebacker released by the Redskins last week. Along with the books, he found several items of Redskins gear, including a pair of team-issued shorts.

Josh reported Thursday that he contacted the Redskins on Wednesday to inform them of his discovery, and, after being told security would be in touch with him, Josh had not heard back from the Redskins by Thursday morning. That’s since changed.

Snider: Fan Should Return Missing Workbooks

Josh called back into The Junkies Friday morning with an update.

“Shortly after getting off the show, I got a call back from the lady who I spoke to the first day over at Ashburn,” Josh said. “She told me, ‘Hey, I heard you were on the radio and I thought you were going to just bring that stuff by here.’ And I said, ‘Well, I do have that [unintelligible], but I just wanted to see what people thought about it, thought it was a cool sports story, wanted to call into the guys.'”

“So she said, ‘Very shortly, the security guy’s going to give you a call,'” he recalled. “So I waited a while. Probably about 45 minutes later, security guy calls me up from, it was a Silver Spring, Maryland number… he said, ‘I would like to meet you on Tuesday and get this book back.’

“He goes, ‘It’s nothing important in there, but we want it back because it belongs to us.’

The Redskins told The Post’s Scott Allen something similar Thursday afternoon, saying “there is no proprietary information in the workbooks that were found in Ashburn.” What’s clear is the Redskins keep their playbook on iPads, which they can quickly erase in the event they cut a player. These workbooks contained a more personal touch, Ederaine’s own notes likely taken during film study or, as Josh described a day earlier, “it’s got detailed breakdowns of the Falcons game, the Jets game — I mean it’s got everything in there.”

“I told the guy, ‘If it’s nothing important, then I would just like to keep it at my house and just put it down in my man cave.’ And he said, ‘No. We want the book back.’ And I said, ‘Well, I can’t meet you on Tuesday,’ and he said, ‘Here’s my number. Call me back.’ So he hangs up.”

After a story recapping Josh’s findings was published on this site — and many others, nationally — that’s when Josh received a second call from the security official, he says.

“The guy calls me back and said, ‘Hey, Josh. Things have just kind of escalated a little bit. The security team from New York is calling me and telling me that, in light of something that just came out online, it’s very important that we get that information back. The player did not have the right to throw that stuff away. It belongs to the NFL, it belongs to the Redskins. We need it back,'” Josh explained.

“And he said, ‘There’s one of two ways we can do it: We can do it the hard way or we can do it the easier way; the hard way would be to get the police involved and tell them that it was lost or stolen merchandise, and come and get it; or you can bring it to us.’

“And I told the gentleman, I said, ‘I had already told you guys that I would like to bring it back to you guys. I didn’t know where to bring it, but I thought there should be some sort of a finder’s fee to bring it back to you guys.’

“So he tells me, ‘What time can you be at Ashburn to bring it up?'”

“And I said I’ll be there at five o’clock,” Josh said. “I drive over, I get to the guard gate and they hand me a paper sack, that looks like it came from Safeway, that says, ‘Thank you, Josh’ on the front of it, on a business card. And I look inside and there’s a Redskins football — like a 10-dollar football — with some signed names of people that I don’t know on the ball. And that’s what I got out of it.”

The Redskins’ secrets are now safely back at headquarters.

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