By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — This is the final week of before the longtime 106.7 The Fan morning show transitions to a televised simulcast on CSN Mid-Atlantic on Sept. 6.

It’s important to remember — and commemorate — the quality entertainment brought to the online video platform before it goes.

UPDATE: Your winning TBT, in full video form, in this, the last week of

First Watch The Junkies Bikini Contest

Watch The Junkies kicked off with a bang, its first major production offering a videoed version of longtime Junkies staple, the Junkies Bikini Contest.

Asa Akira Dominates Blue Shorts

And, who could forget — as much as one might love to — Blue Shorts’ harrowing on-camera escapades with porn star Asa Akira, during which she spanked him, walked him around on a leash, making him bark like a dog, and fed him water before giving him his treat, a private (but very public) lap dance.

Ewadd Dating Game

Finally, we arrive at Ewadd, Watch The Junkies’ first camera operator, a Blizzful human whose role was so simply stripped down that even he had to leave (because his position was temporarily eliminated, to eventually be replaced by part-time version.) Now, thankfully, we have Awadd (can you believe they were really that lazy in nicknaming him?), a less funny, possibly harder working version of Ewadd.

Anyhow, here’s Ewadd’s highly funny dating game.

Listen here to recent TBTs.

Junkies 20 and “Throwback Thursdays” are presented by Geico andCropp Metcalfe.

  1. limesc1 says:

    You guys are a bunch of dummies….only you guys would celebrate “watch the junkies” with audio clips!!!! You are celebrating being able to watch the videos, and then to celebrate it you play audio clips. What a donk!

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