By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Much has been made of the Redskins training camp, but much of the news has been rooted in the fact that so little news has come out of it.

The traditionally drama-filled Redskins camp featured very few storylines in 2016, which is generally indicative of a well-run organization. However, there has been one idea prevailing recently: Are the Redskins taking training camp too lightly?

Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch offered as much Monday on Grant and Danny, wondering if the Redskins are resting on their laurels after a surprising NFC East title a year ago.

Host Danny Rouhier asked Phillips about the unexpected move coach Jay Gruden made to keep quarterback Kirk Cousins on the bench for Washington’s second preseason game. Phillips explained the team’s schedule in the days leading up to the game, saying there was very little actual practice time, and that’s why Gruden opted to sit Cousins and some of the other starters. Then he added this nugget:

“This speaks to a larger trend. Having been at these training camp practices, this has been the easiest NFL training camp I can ever remember seeing. This has not been a grueling camp, this has not been a run-em-till-they-puke kind of operation. Jay Gruden is taking care of his guys, and I just can’t figure out — is this confidence, that they feel good, they’re good with what they’ve got, they’re returning a lot of the lineup? Or are they getting complacent off of this NFC East title and this is something we’re gonna look back on and really wonder about?

Host Grant Paulsen liked the question and expanded on it further. Then on Tuesday, the duo took calls and further dissected the matter.

The NFC East has proven very difficult to win in back-to-back years, and this season seems unlikely to break that trend. But if the Redskins have a disappointing season, say something along the lines of 5-11 or 6-10, expect this talk of complacency to remain a topic of conversation.

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