By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Redskins corner Josh Norman was quite candid in an interview for an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine, which hits newsstands Friday.

For starters, Norman refers to Roger Goodell, the league’s commissioner, as “straight horrible.”

“I get that he makes the owners money, but literally anyone could do that,” Norman tells Kevin Van Valkenburg. “A dog could. He’s a dog in a suit.”

Norman also addressed his new team’s name: “Redskins is not offensive to me. I’m part Native American on both my mom’s and my dad’s side. It’s kind of a funny thing, though. A redskin playing for the Redskins.”

While much has been made of Norman’s ongoing feud with Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., dating back to their heated on-field matchup in December of last season which has spilled over into offseason headlines, Norman’s heat with the Giants organization actually predates Beckham.

According to Van Valkenburg, Norman says prior to being drafted by the Panthers in 2012, an interview with Giants front office personnel rubbed Norman entirely the wrong way.

They were “trying to get me to admit that I wouldn’t listen to coaching,” Norman says. “That I was a dirtbag. They kept asking me the same question, wanting me to admit to something I didn’t do.”

Norman was so bothered by the exchange, he says, he broke down in the room, before calling his agent in tears to inform him “I don’t ever want to go there. Ever. I’d rather play against them.”

Now Norman has the chance to exact revenge, against the Giants and Beckham, twice a year. Of Beckham, Norman says players around the league took notice of his tantrum last season: “It’s going to be rough for him this year. And he brought it on himself.”

And if Norman’s assessment of his own abilities — of being “the best cornerback on earth” — proves accurate, then the Redskins, who this offseason made him the highest paid corner in the league (at five years, $75 million), will be quite pleased with their investment.

Norman also looks forward to facing Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford. “Have you ever once been one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league?” Norman said. “Not that I remember — and you want more money? I can’t wait to play him twice a year.”

It may be coming clear by now there weren’t many topics Norman didn’t touch. In fact, if we find one, this highlight reel will be updated. Norman’s weekly contributions to Fox should be a hoot.

Read Van Valkenburg’s full profile of Norman here.

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