by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Emotions run high for any NFL rookie playing in front of the home crowd for the first time. But Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Nate Sudfeld had greater anxiety than average standing on the sideline between drives.

“Guys were saying, ‘It’s alright you can be happy.'” And why not be? Your name got announced along with the word “touchdown” by an NFL public address announcer.

The only problem for Sudfeld is that it technically wasn’t his name–it was his Zach Sudfeld. And while he may have been excited for his older brother, Nate was standing among teammates who had just given up the touchdown.

“I was really happy to see him get a touchdown,” Nate told the media after the game. “I was really trying to hide my excitement on the sideline. I was standing there waiting for them to say touchdown, 44, Sudfeld.

“It was funny. First time ever playing against him.”

And it was a memorable experience for the duo. For Nate, it was recovering from a rough start to complete seven passes on the final drive, including a game-winning touchdown. For Zach, it was another step back from injury, including three receptions for 39 yards and a touchdown.

The parents were also excited, as it was the first time they didn’t have to choose which son to watch play. They only had to choose their loyalties. Matthew Paras of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported before the game that their dad was planning to wear a Redskins cap with a Jets jersey, while their mom sewed two jerseys together.

“It’s nice for the parents because we’re both on offense,” Zach told the media before the game. “I think they’ll be fans of the Jets’ offense and then the Redskins’ offense when either of us are on the field.”

Based on results, the split allegiance worked to both players’ advantage.



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