by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Athletes are strange creatures of habit and NFL punters are no exception. During a recent fan-driven interview with CSN Washington, Redskins punter Tress Way revealed that before he drops punts, he drops something else:


“I’m allowed to be brutally honest with this one?” Way asked host JP Finlay before answering. “I’m a Kenny Chesney guy so I always just have some nice Kenny Chesney playing and to be honest with you guys, I take a pregame poop.

“Then after that I’m ready to go out and drop some bombs.”

Whatever works. And with the numbers Way has put up in his first two seasons in Washington, the Redskins should reserve a stall for him in every locker room.

Since joining the team in 2014, Way has averaged a whopping 46.8 yards per punt, including leading the NFL with 47.5 yards per punt in his rookie campaign. That production and consistency are key reasons why the Redskins signed him to a five-year extension in March.

So before you laugh or cringe at his routine, remember that Way is an artist at work. And if there was ever any question, fellow special teamer Nick Sundberg has his back:

By the Way: According to another answer in this CSN interview, his longest kick in college was an 85-yard boom shot against Utah St. during his sophomore season:

“I walked out and the first punt of the year, I hit an 85-yard punt. I came off to the sideline and Coach [Bob] Stoops at the University of Oklahoma grabs me by my shoulder pads and says, ‘Tress, you can do that every time.’

“I said, ‘Coach, no I can’t. I can’t do that every time.’ My rookie year, I had a 77[-yard punt], and the thing with that is that everything has to kind of fall in place. Eighty yards in the air is a long shot; I mean it could be possible with some wind, or if it just goes over the dude’s head and it just rolls a little bit.

“I’d love to have an 80-yarder, or a couple 80-yarders at some point in my career and just be that kind of guy that can hit 80-yard punts around here.”

In fact, he wouldn’t be the first guy to hit 80-yard punts around here.

Redskins legend Sammy Baugh–a Hall of Fame quarterback, defensive back and punter–owns the two longest punts in team history, at 85 and 81 yards. His punt for 85 yards was a league record that stood for eight seasons and is still the 12th longest in NFL history.

An even better mark for Way would be to match Baugh’s still-NFL record average punt mark for a season, 51.4 yards, set in 1940.

Just make sure he has room to jam to Kenny Chesney and drop bombs before kickoff.


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