RICHMOND — Redskins cornerback Josh Norman will add to his duties this fall – but off the football field this time.

Norman will make a minimum of 10 appearances on Fox’s NFL coverage this season, according to Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback website.

It’s unclear how often Norman’s new television gig – similar to one his friend Brandon Marshall had last year for Showtime – will conflict with Redskins game days. Norman makes his debut on the Week 1 edition of Fox NFL Kickoff at 11 a.m. on Sept. 11.

But that’s no problem. Washington doesn’t play until the next night on Sept. 12 against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the season-opener at FedEx Field.

So how did this opportunity come about?

“I guess just going on ESPN and FOX News Sports and different television shows,” Norman said after a morning walkthrough on Monday at Bon Secours Training Center in Richmond. “And it ended up to be how it was worked out to where I can do that and play at the same time and commentate. It won’t be too much of a burden on me or too – how would I say – taking away from my No. 1 job. It’s what I do. Just communicating and spin back out sports to people who love to watch it. So I think that’s pretty easy.”

Norman insisted the side job won’t be a distraction at all. According to MMQB, he will “appear in pre-taped segments or his home in Virginia (Fox will send a crew).” Washington’s bye week is Nov. 6 so that also provides Norman the chance to go in-studio with Fox.

It should be noted there are plenty of Sunday’s when the Redskins don’t have a game, including the Steelers game (Sept. 12), the bye week, the Thanksgiving Day game at Dallas (Nov. 24), a Monday night home game against the Carolina Panthers (Dec. 19), Norman’s former team, and a Christmas Eve game on Saturday night at Chicago (Dec. 24). That’s half of Norman’s allotment right there.

Norman raised some eyebrows when he told MMQB that his coaches didn’t know about the arrangement. But it’s clear if he didn’t tell Gruden himself, the organization is aware of the arrangement with the network.

“I haven’t talked to [Gruden] about it. He’s cool with it. I’m pretty sure he already knows about it,” Norman said. “So it’s, obviously, something that I think is going to benefit us as well as a whole. Just being here, bring more light on the squad and what we do. And understanding we’re here to win and continue to win and grow in every aspect you can – even in your personal life. And I think that’s one of the things that I’m trying to grow in my personal life and trying to expand. Expansion after football, obviously. This is a stepping tool for that to happen.”

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