By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — CBS broadcaster and longtime Washingtonian James Brown is optimistic about the Redskins’ abnormally quiet offseason.

“The fans may be looking for the big splash, the big name, but there’s so much more to it than that,” Brown told Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan this week. “So I’m hopeful that Washington is going to benefit by a quiet offseason because they’re about a resolute focus to get it done on the field.”

“Let me just be clear: I’m a hometown guy,” he disclosed. “I pull for the hometown team. I try to be very objective when I’m on the air, but I am a native Washingtonian. And I’ve seen enough football over the many years that I’ve been blessed to cover this game to know, and I’m pretty much a subscriber to the John Madden notion, that the only time you make a significant move — or two, maybe — is when there is a missing piece that doesn’t only fit because of the athletic gifts that they bring to the team, but also attitudinal, character and integrity-wise.”

“Those elements must fit there. I look at the New England Patriots as the prototypical squad to do things. The pieces that they add, they look a little differently than what most people are looking for. They may be looking for somebody who’s going to give them some versatility. It’s a utilitarian player that they’re looking to fill in, maybe not making a whole bunch of news, but look at how that player fits in and they just keep rolling no matter what.”

Brown is also hopeful of Washington’s potential under the leadership of fifth-year quarterback Kirk Cousins, despite him not reaching a long-term agreement with the team this offseason.

“Now, in terms of keeping a Kirk Cousins happy,” he said. “Look. I understood what Kirk was looking for in terms of a big contract long-term. I certainly understand it from a team standpoint — it was a good business decision — but at the end of the day, you want to make certain that there’s a happy medium and that the player feels like he’s valued, even from a business standpoint, understanding why they didn’t step up and make it a multiple-year deal. But at the end of the day, if he delivers…

“And I like the character and integrity that’s there in Kirk Cousins. I loved it when he was playing No. 2 to Robert Griffin III and I didn’t hear one peep out of him causing any kind of dissension on the team.”

“He and Robert Griffin III were good friends, I thought, in terms of the way they at least respected one another, even if it didn’t come to the point of being the best of friends,” he said. “But there was a healthy respect there with them helping each other. And even as I watched them last year in a couple games I did of theirs on the road, there was — again — even with Kirk in the No. 1 position, Robert was still out there being helpful to him. I’m hoping all of that will pay dividends, because I like the intangibles that I’m seeing in the leadership qualities that he brings to the table.”

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