WASHINGTON — If you’re playing an artist’s song in public, you should probably have an idea of what that artist looks like.

In this particular case, it’s a little more understandable, as the artist has dramatically changed his look over the years.

Matisyahu, the rapper/reggae artist who achieved significant fame a few years ago when, as a Hasidic Jew, he sported a full beard. He has since shaved the beard and bleached his hair, giving himself a very different appearance than when he had one of the more recognizable looks in mainstream music.

Fast forward to summer of 2016, when Matisyahu was in Hawaii to play the MayJah RayJah festival. He stopped at a coffee shop the day of his performance, where a performer was playing Matisyahu’s hit song, “One Day.” The original artist of the song hopped in and formed a spontaneous duet, and when the pair finished their performance, it became clear the kid had no idea who he had just played with.

Check out the video.

After the reveal, Matisyahu gave the kid tickets for his performance that night, per Billboard.

“I’m standing right next to him and then I realize he doesn’t know it’s me, and my bass player was like, ‘You should sing with him,’ but I don’t typically do that kind of thing,” Matisyahu said, also per Billboard. “If he doesn’t know it’s me, he’ll think I’m some random dude trying to steal his thunder and I didn’t want to mess up his game.”

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