By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — DeSean Jackson got dragged into this whole social media mess with Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson and Redskins corner Josh Norman Wednesday.

It started with some training camp videos the other day showing Josh Norman getting beat, by DeSean Jackson in one video, and by Pierre Garcon in another.

An NFL fan blog — if that’s what you call a Twitter account that serves as a clearinghouse for random bits of NFL news — posted a curiously shortened version of the Garcon-on-Norman video, one which cut out the final frame in which Norman, after getting beat off the line, breaks up the play in the end zone.

Peterson replied with a zing about Norman receiving the highest rating among corners in EA’s Madden NFL 17 (Peterson is ranked fourth).

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Norman replied with a Kermit The Frog meme. EA Sports game developers, and other NFL players, got involved — it was a thing.

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Bunches of fans — smelling blood in the water — began replying to Peterson with actual game footage of Peterson getting burned, including one play showing him getting absolutely torched on a 64-yard touchdown by Jackson in the second quarter of Washington’s 2014 loss at Arizona.

And then WJLA-TV’s Erin Hawksworth asked Norman about it at training camp: bigger thing.

By Wednesday afternoon, this was still on Peterson’s mind, apparently.

Jackson, who rarely composes tweets beyond the occasional link to his Instagram, retweeted Peterson and came back at him later that same evening.

“I don’t care who he responded 2 and u a fan I’m bout to respond to keep my damn name out yo mouth and worry bout yo own sh–,” read Jackson’s full response.

Jackson seemed to leave it at that, while Peterson continued trading barbs with ‘Skins fans.

The Redskins and Cardinals play at Arizona Dec. 4.

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