WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, Complex Magazine started a big controversy with a simple enough Twitter poll.

It was not an official Twitter poll, so there weren’t any votes tallied. Instead, pictures were sent in.

So. Many. Pictures.

Candy corn received a lot of votes.

As did Red Vines and licorice.

Some of those candies from your childhood that you’d likely forgotten about made appearances, as well.

Of course the “grandparents’ candy” made appearances.

And then there is the whole “movie theater candy” category.

Some people, however, were just wrong. Just objectively wrong.

Here are the staff submissions:

  • Necco Wafers
  • Zagnut
  • Runts
  • Atomic Fireballs
  • Whoppers
  • Dots
  • Mounds
  • Charleston Chew
  • Licorice
  • “Anything green apple or blue raspberry”
  • So here’s our turn. What do you think is the worst candy of all time? Answer in our poll below. If you vote “other,” let us know which is the worst.

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