By Chris Lingebach

You have spoken with your votes, letting us know what you want to hear.

But, somehow, we still don’t trust you were 100 percent sold on a few nail-biters.

Which is why we’ve decided to recycle some near-winning nominees.

Join us, please, in deciding the best-of-the-worst, or, the best of the near-best moments in vintage Junkies’ history.

Vote below. If you’re repulsed by the current selections, visit some of our old TBT segments.

Clinton Portis Talks Porn

Your classic culture clash: debating varying interests in adult entertainment.

When Lurch Wanted to be Called ‘Larry’

Sometimes children simply don’t like the names forced upon them.

JP Slaps BDK

This was a long time coming.

Junkies 20 and “Throwback Thursdays” are presented by Geico and Cropp Metcalfe.


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