by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — In certain situations, it makes sense to bounce a breaking ball en route to the plate. None of those situations is on a ceremonial first pitch.

But that’s what happened when Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall, in Richmond for training camp, threw out the first pitch at the Richmond Squirrels game. Let’s call it a slider:

It was a good effort by Hall, and credit to him for taking his first pitch from the top of the mound, instead of somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, he made the same mistake that countless celebrities have made in the same situation: trying to be too fine. Sixty feet and six inches never seemed so far.

Fortunately, the man known on Twitter as “SitMeatball27”–otherwise known as Squirrels outfielder Tyler Horan–made a really nice scoop of the wild pitch.

As Matt Estreich notes in his tweet, Horan also attended Virginia Tech, where he was the school’s 14th All-American and 14th highest-drafted Hokie in program history. He was taken in the eighth round of the 2013 draft by the San Francisco Giants, who the Washington Nationals played over the weekend.

The best part of this video, which was not addressed in the tweet, is that defensive end Trent Murphy is in full uniform and pads, standing behind Hall on the infield. Or is he? Apparently, members of the Squirrels’ staff dressed up as Murphy and offensive lineman Morgan Moses:


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