By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Marvin Bush, the youngest of George H.W. Bush’s four sons, escaped politics as a career, but that didn’t stop him from ripping both Democrats and Republicans on The Sports Junkies Wednesday morning.

While the investment manager said he won’t be voting for either party in the upcoming presidential election, he reserved his harshest criticism for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I think she’s one of the most dishonest people that’s ever been in politics. You see this pattern — things like the commodity trading and Whitewater and Filegate and the email controversy today and all this stuff — and she’ll always say there are right-wing conspiratorialists who are bringing this up. Well, there’s a pattern of deception there that’s the reason her trust ratings are lower than almost any politician around.”

He was also critical of Republican nominee Donald Trump, and he worries about the long-term effects his campaign may have on young Americans.

“The worry is that a generation of kids — and I hear you guys talk about your kids — and now some of these kids are saying the best way to win is rip somebody’s ass apart, somebody else’s ass apart, and to run them down. And so when Trump’s talking about John McCain not being a hero and stuff like that, it’s very frustrating.”

As for what he’ll do with his vote, Bush is going a different route entirely.

“Well that’s why I’m voting Libertarian. A hundred percent. And so these two guys — nobody knows about them, people think I’m sort of a wasted vote — both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were each successful two-term governors who balanced their budgets, so they’re fiscally conservative, and their essential message is ‘get bureaucracy off our backs,’ which used to be a part of what the Republicans believed. And let me put it in terms of what’s topical for you: The Libertarians would not impose a rule at your radio station that said you can’t play music of your choice in the background.”

A vote for a third-party candidate is seen by many as a vote for Trump, and Bush acknowledged that.

“I have a few of my close friends who say, look you’re just giving your vote to Trump. I don’t necessarily buy it. First of all, I want to have a conscience. I want honest leadership. I want proven, effective people running this country and so, I want to be able to go to bed at night. And so I don’t really care about that.”

The full call with Bush is available below.

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