RNC is Having a Tough Time with Sports References

WASHINGTON — For better or worse, sports and politics cross paths frequently.

Unfortunately for the Republican party, in this case, it’s for worse.

First, Paul Ryan made the remarkably incorrect assumption about college football allegiances in Texas. Hoping for unity in the party, Ryan asked Texas delegates to supoprt somebody of their party instead of a rival party, just like Texas colleges support each other and not opposing states’ schools.

The problem with that is the schools in question — University of Texas and Texas A&M — hate each other and want to see each other fail, regardless of their own success.

Alright, everybody makes the occasional faux pas. Move past it.

The Republican National Convention rolled on, and it only got worse as far as sports references go.

Florida delegates bizarrely bragged about being the state LeBron James won his first (and second) NBA championship. That’s a head-scratching move in any situation, but it’s certainly not a great decision when the convention is being held in Cleveland. The same Cleveland that is home to James and the Cavaliers, who just won the NBA championship.

Alright. Well, at least it can’t get much worse, right?

So wrong. So, so wrong.

At least Florida knew its own team, and its own (former) players. Kansas cannot claim as much.

When it came time for Kansas delegates to speak, they bragged about the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series. The problem with that boast? Well, Kansas City is in Missouri.

Missouri made sure to correct Kansas for their unjust claim.

In defense of Kansas, there is a Kansas City in Kansas. And Kansas City, Mo., is really close to being in Kansas.

(Google Maps)

(Google Maps)

Things could be going better for the GOP, but they could also be going worse. After all, Third Eye Blind played for them!

Oh. Wait.

(H/T SB Nation)

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