Applause for Jay Gruden at Nats Game? Experts Debate

by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Anyone not at Nationals Park to see Stephen Strasburg spin his first outing of the second half missed a crowd appearance by Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden.

But Twitter didn’t.

Thanks to the magic of the world’s ninth most popular social network, we know that Gruden was shown in a Nationals ballcap on the in-stadium scoreboard. We also know that Nats fans responded with some level of applause.

What we do not know (and because no video of this moment was readily available) is how much applause Gruden actually got. Based on eyewitness accounts from reporters and fans in attendance, we have ranked the amount of applause he got from most to least:

[For the record, some of these tweets are from radio stations owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, or reporters that work for TV networks with contractual ties to the Redskins. Not that that should make any difference.]

So how much applause was there? Was it “nice” or was it “hardly rousing?” Something else entirely?

Unless someone posts a definitive video on social media, we may never know. Only the applause experts at Nats will be able to say with any subjective certainty. To be clear, not everyone weighed in on the applause situation. Some tweets, like the one from @1067theFan, just focused on the facts:


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