D.C. Not Among 5 Most Expensive Cities to Rent 1-Bedroom Apartment

WASHINGTON — D.C. always finds itself near the top of lists that attempt to quantify the cost of living around the country, and it often contends for the top spot.

However, a new study finds the District is actually just the sixth most expensive city in the U.S. in terms of median price for a one-bedroom apartment. Sixth is high, but it’s perhaps not as high as one would expect, and some of the cities ahead of the nation’s capital — Oakland and San Jose, mostly — are somewhat surprising.

The report claims the median price for a one-bedroom apartment in D.C. is $2,190 per month, as of June 2016. This is a modest 3.5 percent drop from the $2,270 it notched in May, and it’s just barely lower than fifth-place Boston, at $2,230 per month.

The most expensive city, not shockingly, is San Francisco, with a median price for a one-bedroom apartment coming in at a whopping $3,510 per month. A distant second is New York, at $3,190, followed by San Jose at $2,280 and Oakland at $2,270. Just below Washington is Los Angeles, at $1,960 per month, followed by Miami, at $1,900.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is don’t move to California. Of the top seven cities, four are in California, and three of the top four are located in the Golden State.

Baltimore checks in at 23rd with a median price of $1,170.

As for two-bedroom apartments, D.C. is third on the list with a $3,040 per month median rent. That’s well below No. 1 San Francisco ($4,770) and No. 2 New York ($3,600), and just barely higher than fourth-place Los Angeles ($2,980) and fifth-place San Jose ($2,900).

Baltimore is way down the list for two-bedroom prices, checking in with just a $1,350 per month median price, less than $200 more than its median one-bedroom price.

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