It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
And I’m feeling good…

Washington Redskins fans probably are queueing up the Nina Simone classic with kickoff coming this weekend. And yes, they may be feeling good now, but in a few months that won’t be the case.

Here are five reason why the Redskins will finish last in the NFC East this season.

Robert Griffin III

Why not start at the top? Yes, he’s healthy, but RGIII has shown he’s inferior to Kirk Cousins in Jay Gruden’s system. Gone are the days of Mike Shanahan, but the quarterback controversy he created remains.

You cannot win without an efficient quarterback in the NFL. And no matter how talented an individual is, you still can’t fit his gifted square peg into a round hole.

Sorry, fans.

Jay Gruden

The new coach probably won’t be on our list next season, but with this being his first time at the helm in the NFL, you better believe he’s here now.

Only two rookie head coaches — George Siefert with the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl XXIV and Don McCafferty with the Baltimore Colts at Super Bowl V —have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, although five have reached the penultimate game.

Gruden will not be the sixth.

Name Controversy

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will hurt the Redskins chances this year.

Chalk it up to another off the field distraction that will translate to 100 yards of failure. No matter what players will tell you, it’s hard to focus on x’s and o’s with all of that brouhaha happening in the background.


Offense wins games. Defense wins championships — unless your defense is trifling.

Washington yielded an average of 5.7 yards per play to opponents last year.

And while there was a blood letting among coaches following the 3-13 outing, Jim Haslett was retained as defensive coordinator. Yes, he’s a favorite among players, but is yet to show he’s capable of putting together an adequate squad.

So, what’s changed? Nada.

Philadelphia Eagles

New York and Dallas will be vying for runner up in the division with Washington firmly cemented in the basement. But the Eagles are going to fly high over everyone. DeSean Jackson’s arrival in the nation’s capital from the City of Brotherly Love won’t prove to be the difference maker here.

Sorry to keep in generic, but I’m not being paid by the word.

So in short, the Redskins will be outplayed, out coached and outperformed in every facet by Philadelphia… and almost everyone else.

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