During PGC Unplugged, an afternoon of listening sessions, meet and greets and live performances, WPGC welcomed one of the biggest names in the game to the studio.  T.I. kicked off the day with a visit to The Pablo Show before meeting a room full of listeners and premiering four never-before-heard tracks.

But, before TIP could show off his newest love child Paperwork, he sat down with Pablo, Tati, DJ Heat and Guy Lambert to chat about a few major headlines in the past few months.

In May of this year, T.I. made headlines when he got into a heated argument with Floyd Mayweather at a Las Vegas Fat Burger.  According to witnesses, Mayweather brought up T.I.’s wife, Tiny, calling her a b****.  Going into protective mode, T.I. went toe-to-toe with Mayweather, but the possible brawl was quickly torn apart.

“If you fight for a living, you fight to win,” he said of the boxer.  “When you’re a warrior, you’re fighting for the purpose of conquering, surviving.”  The father of six is an avid teacher of respect and love, which was evident when the fight simmered down without violence. “You give respect and you receive it.  If you’re exuding more respect than you’re being reciprocated with… you’re being disrespected.”

PHOTOS: T.I. Meets Fans at PGC Unplugged

More often than not, T.I. plays the role of lover, not a fighter.  That passion is evident in his nurturing of new artists like Iggy Azalea.  Her smash hit “Fancy” is blazing on the charts and she is currently featured on T.I.’s latest single, “No Mediocre.”  But, as a female rapper in the game, people often compare her to Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim.  While Azaela hasn’t spoken on the supposed beef, the hip-hop world was abuzz when Minaj accepted the award for Best Female Hip-Hop artist and allegedly threw shade at her female counterpart for not writing her own songs.

But, T.I. isn’t one to take sides on the situation, though he has openly admitted to not ghostwriting for the new rapper.

“How do we know she’s talking about Iggy,” he asks Pablo.  “[There are] so many other people in that category, it’s just Iggy is the most relevant to the discussion,” he explains putting an end to the curiosity.   “To speculate, I think, would be counterproductive for me.”


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